• @ Laurelwood Brewing Co.

  • @ Coalition Brewing Co.

  • @ Beer Mongers w/ Van Havig from Gigantic Brewing

  • @ Oregon Brewer's Festival w/ Fred Eckardt

  • @ Oregon Brewer's Festival

  • @ Amnesia Brewing w/ Mayor of Portland Sam Adams

  • @ Saraveza in North Portland (NoPo)

  • @ Tin Bucket Growler Station

  • @ Full Sail Brewing's Hop Tour

  • @ Uptown Market w/ Mayor of Beaverton Denny Doyle

  • @ Cascade Brewing Barrel House

  • @ Portland U-Brew

  • @ The Green Dragon

  • @ Saraveza w/ Mayor of Rainier Jerry Cole


Hi there fellow brew enthusiasts!  Welcome to The Brew Happy Show!  If you are a home brewer, or a pro, a connoisseur or just plain like a good brew, than well you might find some of our adventures worth a look.  Here we delve into the culture of the craft beer community.  The people that make industry, and the people that support it.  There is so much to craft beer you just don’t know!  We aim to share with you how something as simple as a little brewpub can turn a dilapidated part of town into a bustling community.  The hard work, creativity, the science,  and the friendships that come from beer.  Join us as we co-mingle with the Masters of Brewing as they share their stories, their love, and their passion for beer.  We find the answers to questions about different brews, where to find them, and how to brew them.  What’s your brew?


Watch The Brew Happy Show locally on Portland Community Media (channels 11, 22 & 23) or stream them on our channel on Blip.TV. To the left we have some ‘buzz clips’ on our YouTube channel which will give you clues as to what myself and the show are up to and promote some of our friends in the industry. Full episodes are available for your viewing enjoyment on our Webcasts page as well We are the only local Portland show on public access about craft beer in the Pacific NW. Please help support public television by getting Brew Happy here with us!


Listen to our Brew Happy podcast on iTunes or download them directly from our podcast network site.  We speak on current events and trends in craft beer each week, bring you up to date information, and discuss all things beer with different people in the industry.  Every month we are hosted by a different craft beer location, so we are always meeting new people and trying new beers to tell you about. Our podcast has undergone many transformations since it’s start in November of 2009. Classic episodes are available on iTunes and are recognizable under the “Food” category. Since our reboot of the podcast, we are now categorized under “Entertainment”. Check out both on the tab above.


We enjoy making our content as informative as possible in whatever format or medium it may be presented.  Our goal is to enlighten as well as entertain you about the many facets of this wonderful staple we call craft beer!  There are so many things to discover, we just can’t wait to share more stories and experiences with you.  Whether you are interested in home brewing or are just curious about what’s in your glass, you are sure to enjoy getting Brew Happy with us as we have this adventure together!


Once armed with sufficient knowledge, you can do almost anything right?  Well, now that you have watched our shows, listened to our weekly podcast, and learned so much about craft beer, I hope you didn’t forget to relax and have a brew.  Whether you want to start brewing your own home brew, or just have a fever for craft beer, either way, you should have a brew in your hand before you can truly know what it is to be Brew Happy!  




Local to Portland?  Join us for a Monday podcast OR catch our live guest spot on the Ed Forman Show on Tuesday nights @ Dante’s in downtown Portland starting 10:00pm.   

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Be sure to Brew Happy, but drink responsibly.  Respect Craft Beer!